Furnace Maintenance Tips

Temperatures are dropping, coats are being pulled out the closets, and homeowners are turning on their furnaces all over the Kansas City Metro. That’s right – winter is quickly approaching. With winter comes the responsibility of taking care of your home’s heating system.

While it may seem like a big task to add to your to-do list, maintaining your furnace is simple, and can add years to the lifespan of your unit. Some of the best ways to start caring for your furnace this season include:

Replace Air Filters
As your furnace heats your air, it is also trapping and collecting pollutants within its filter. As the temperatures start to fall, take a few minutes to replace your dirty filters with new. New filters will help your furnace to run easier, and healthier, for the freezing days ahead.

Check Thermostat
One of the first pieces of your unit to likely malfunction, your thermostat is vital to keeping your furnace in top running order. Test your thermostat before temperatures turn bitter to ensure that your unit is heating your home comfortably before you learn of its insufficiency the hard way.

Clean Vents
Like dirty air filters, clogged vents can lead to low efficiency and performance. Carefully clear your vents of any debris early in the season, and regularly check them for any new buildup as your furnace works hard to keep you warm throughout the coming months.

Inspect Fan
If your furnace is making any loud, unusual noises, there’s a good chance your fan needs serviced or replaced. The first sign of a malfunction, get it seen by a professional so the issue can be resolved before bigger problems arise.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment
Call the professionals at Overland Park Heating and Cooling to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our furnace experts. Our technician will do a thorough check of your unit, making sure your furnace will be operating safely and efficiently- put a stop to any issues before they become costly repairs later in the winter. Plus, when your furnace has been seen by our expert, you’ll be able to rest easy, and warm, all season long.

To learn more about caring for your furnace or to schedule a maintenance appointment, visit Overland Park Heating and Cooling today.