Did You Skip Your Furnace Inspection? Call Now

Did You Skip Your Furnace Inspection? Call NowIf you forgot to take care of your annual furnace inspection in the fall, it’s not too late to benefit from a furnace safety inspection and furnace clean and check. The following tasks that are usually included in a furnace inspection can improve the safely and efficiency of your heating system in the weeks of cold weather that still lie ahead. The technician likely will:

  • Clean and oil blower components, including the blower wheel, to ensure the system’s reliability.
  • Check the heat exchanger for cracks or signs of corrosion to prevent carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Test that the thermostat is properly calibrated to improve comfort and avoid wasting heat. Check the thermostat battery life
  • Examine the flue venting system for obstructions and leaks so that toxic combustion byproducts are exhausted properly.
  • Lubricate the motor’s moving parts to reduce energy consumption and avert a failure.
  • Check that the furnace safety controls are functioning correctly to prevent overheating and the risk of fire.
  • Check the blower wheel for proper alignment and cleanliness
  • Clean or replace the furnace filter to improve equipment efficiency and longevity
  • Inspect all the wiring for damage and corrosion, and tighten all electrical connections.
  • Test for correct voltage and amperage current of fan motor. Check fan capacitor as well to prevent the motor from overheating and failing
  • Check the accuracy of the furnace’s start-up cycle to ensure that it starts, operates and shuts off as it should.
  • Check ignitor resistance, its condition and clean sensor
  • Check that the burner ignites and operates properly, and that the flame sensor is functioning correctly.
  • Check for code compliancy and condition of gas piping
  • Check ducting connections between the furnace and return boot for leaks. Also check the supply plenum and furnace connection for proper fit

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