Troubleshooting Tips for Common Furnace Blower Problems

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Furnace Blower ProblemsBeing able to troubleshoot furnace blower problems just after they occur can make the difference between a warm home and an uncomfortably cool one. Fortunately, there are some furnace malfunctions that can be quickly and easily solved by:

  • Checking the power. Look to see if the furnace blower door is properly installed. If not secure it will not engage the safety switch, thus making the power to furnace to shut off.  If this doesn’t restore power, find the circuit breaker for the furnace to see if it’s been tripped. If it has, turn it off completely before turning it back on. If your furnace trips the circuit breaker frequently, contact your HVAC professional for assistance.
  • Inspecting the air filter. If filter is very dirty, the furnace could have tripped a limit switch inside the furnace. Some of these switches are resettable and others are a one time link that will need to be replaced. Call your HVAC professional for assistance.
  • Locating the thermostat and turning the fan switch to “ON”  It may take a minute to verify the fan operates and you feel air coming through the vents. This test will prove the primary power to furnace is on; the transformer and the fan motor are both operational. Now set thermostat to heat position and increase the temperature setting several degrees above room temperature. Wait a few minutes for your furnace to start up. If still no heat, check if your thermostat uses batteries, verify that they’re working. If not, replace them. Call your HVAC professional if problem persist.
  • Finding the gas valve to the furnace and making sure it’s open. If the supply is open, make sure to check the main gas valve in your home. Also check for pilot light is operational on your water heater. This will verify the gas main is on.
  • Relighting the pilot. If you have a standing pilot light, it may take a minute to heat the thermocouple warm enough to keep the pilot burning. The ignition system in pilotless furnaces may require a cleaning or replacement. Call your HVAC professional for further assistance.

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