Forced Air Furnace: The Preferred Heating Choice in America

Forced Air Furnace: The Preferred Heating Choice in AmericaMore than 35 million American homes are heated using forced air furnace systems. The most common heating system in the country, they are efficient, easy to operate and highly reliable.

Forced air furnace systems operate by heating air within the furnace, then blowing that air through a home’s ductwork where it’s then forced through vents into the various rooms in the house. This allows for even heating of a home and easy management of comfort levels.

Components of the system are straightforward:

  • A blower motor and fan to draw in and then push the air through the system
  • Gas burners (or much less often, electric-resistance heating element) heat the air in a combustion chamber with a heat exchanger
  • Ductwork for carrying the air
  • Registers for directing the air to individual area of the home
  • Thermostat to regulate temperatures
  • Filters to help clean the air
  • Flue pipe and vent to exhaust combustion gases

Together, these components create a highly efficient method for heating your home. Among the other advantages, they are easy to install and make it easier to filter the air that’s circulating throughout the household. As long as you perform regular maintenance, such as routine filter changes, and schedule annual professional maintenance, the forced-air furnace should operate efficiently and effectively long after it’s installed.

Further, you can add a whole-house humidifier to your forced air furnace system. This can come in handy if you or other occupants suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions that require careful monitoring of the humidity levels in your home. Forced air furnace efficiency can be enhanced by a variety of add-on features, including variable-speed blower motors and two-stage heating.

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