Everything You Need to Know About a Furnace Tune Up

Here at Overland Park Heating and Cooling, we believe you deserve the best – the best furnace, the best comfort, and the best service. That’s why we offer full furnace tune ups to help Kansas City residents get ready for the winter months ahead.

To help keep your home healthy and in top shape, we recommend scheduling a furnace tune-up once each year, preferably before you turn on your unit for the winter, or before temperatures drop dramatically. This way, in case our experts do find problems that need to be addressed, you will not be left in the cold.

Our annual furnace tune-ups consist of a wide range of preventative services. At each appointment, our service experts will:

• Activate system at thermostat to check out the proper sequence of operation
• Shut system down and replace standard size filter
• Check and tighten all electrical controls and safeties
• Remove pilot, clean and reassemble OR remove igniter, clean and ohm to assure proper resistance
• Inspect and clean burners
• Check immediate furnace surroundings for gas leakage
• Inspect blower compartment
• Check heat exchanger for cracks and inspect AC coil for blockage
• Check and oil inducer motor and tighten mounting screws
• Clean inside and outside of furnace cabinet
• Check flue condition and connect Combustion Analysis (CA) equipment
• Start furnace and allow to operate for 10 minutes, and record all readings of CA equipment
• Check for proper flue draw and inducer operation, and measure flue draft
• Check temperature rise and adjust blower speed if necessary
• Dial in gas pressures, secondary combustion air for most efficiency, and record performance
• Set thermostat to original setting or as customer requests
• Clean workspace and provide written report
• And more

These services provided by Overland Park Heating and Cooling at your annual furnace tune-up will allow for your machine to run in peak condition all season long. Along with technical maintenance, we even take the time to discuss any questions and concerns each homeowner may have while advising them on the best equipment practices and safety measures to ensure their furnace remains in top condition for an extended lifetime.

To schedule your furnace tune-up today, visit Overland Park Heating and Cooling.