Energy Star’s Most Efficient Label Points You To Top Performers

Choosing heating or cooling equipment and other energy-using appliances and products for your Kansas City area home can be a challenge. Energy Star’s Most Efficient label seeks to lessen the burden of this choice by allowing you to immediately identify high-efficiency, solid performing products. Let’s take a look at how this label can help you pick out the perfect HVAC appliance or equipment for your home.Energy Star has helped consumers immensely 

For more than twenty years, Energy Star has stoked competition amongst manufacturers while simultaneously providing consumers with a fast and easy way to identify energy-efficient appliances. This was whether they were in the market for heating or cooling equipment, televisions, washer/dryers, computers and more. In the past two decades, though, the landscape regarding energy efficiency has changed. Quality and energy efficiency, in large part encouraged and rewarded by the Energy Star program, began outpacing the label. Nearly every product sported the Energy Star. This is why Energy Star’s Most Efficient label was created.

Energy Star introduces a new program

Energy Star’s Most Efficient label first hit the industry in 2011 as a pilot program. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds, with more types of equipment being covered each of the subsequent years. Products that carry the Most Efficient label have achieved the program’s stricter minimum standards, such as gas furnaces with an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of no less than 97 percent. And now that each unit is tested by an independent third party, you can be even more confident of your purchase.

Finding these appliances has never been easier. Just point your Internet browser at the Energy Star website, where you’ll find a full list of the qualifying products, plus the criteria needed for a product to be awarded Energy Star’s Most Efficient label.

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