Eco Bee Climate Control Does More Than Program Your HVAC System’s Settings, See Energy Savings Rise

Eco Bee’s smart thermostats are some of the most advanced thermostats available. Not only are they much easier to program than older models, they can also help you increase your energy savings.

With traditional thermostats, it could be difficult to tell what exactly was programmed due to limited information on the screens, if they even had digital screens at all. There were dials, knobs, program codes, and it was all frequently complicated.

These are all problems of the past as Eco Bee makes it easy to program the comfort level inside of your house according to your schedule.  By ensuring that your air system turns off when you are away for long periods at a time, such as at work, you will be sure to get the most out of your energy savings. Full color touch screens make it very clear as to what you have set.  They also allow you to make changes to a schedule very simply.

These smart thermostats also connect to the internet wirelessly in order to provide you with up to the minute weather tracking and forecasts. This makes it an easy reference spot in the morning when you are preparing for the day. They will also provide suggestions if the weather will be affecting the internal temperature of your home. These tips will help you maintain a comfortable level in your home no matter what is going on outside.

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