Don’t Live With Compromised Comfort, Take Control With A Zoning System

No homeowner should have to compromise the comfort they expect in their own home. And yet, when you are unable to maintain a steady temperature throughout your house, that is exactly what you are doing. It’s a problem faced by many homeowners who can’t seem to get rid of uncomfortable warm or cool patches. Zoned temperature control allows you to achieve the comfort you deserve and offers a number of benefits that can keep everyone in your house happy while minimizing your energy costs.

Most homes utilize a forced-air system that is managed with a single thermostat. You set it to the temperature you want and expect each part of your home to reach that ideal temperature. However, there are many naturally occurring obstacles in your home that prevent this from happening.  For one, heat will naturally rise to the second story. Also, areas with windows facing the sun will be warmer because of the heat transferring in. There are also simple constructional features like cathedral ceilings that air can get caught in, preventing it from being able to distribute properly through your home.

These problems are eliminated with the use of zoning systems. They incorporate the use of multiple thermostats that control different zones in your house. Since each thermostat has a smaller, more manageable area, it can distribute more or less conditioned air as needed to accommodate for any factors that could allow the temperature to fluctuate.

An HVAC contractor will help you develop the ideal zoning strategy for your home. Zones will be established based on which rooms are used most frequently and other factors such as number of windows. One of the main benefits of a smart zoning strategy is that you can set frequently unoccupied zones to an energy-efficient mode so you that you aren’t paying to keep empty rooms comfortable.

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