A Dehumidifier Can Help You Feel More Comfortable this Summer

A Dehumidifier Can Help You Feel More Comfortable this SummerMaintaining optimal humidity in your home with a dehumidifier will help keep you comfortable this summer. Dehumidifiers come in two main types, portable dehumidifiers that can be moved room to room, or whole-house dehumidifiers that take care of the entire indoor space. The advantages of using a dehumidifier include reducing household allergens, decreasing mold or mildew growth, and preventing structural damage from too much moisture.

Signs that there’s too much humidity in your home include:

  • musty or mildewy odors
  • visible mold growth on walls or ceilings
  • wall or ceiling stains that are not due to a roof leak
  • visible condensation on walls or windows
  • serious indoor allergies

When too much humidity is present in the home, mold and mildew will grow. Sometimes it isn’t visible, but people who suffer from mold and mildew allergies will be affected nonetheless. When allergies won’t go away, or there’s a musty odor in the home, consider scheduling a home evaluation to see if a dehumidifier is needed. Sometimes, realizing that your home needs dehumidification is as easy as noticing moisture and even water in spots where it shouldn’t be.

It’s important to know how a dehumidifying unit works best. When placing a portable dehumidifier in your home, make sure to leave enough space around the device. This will allow for proper air flow around it.

A whole-house humidifier works efficiently when all windows and doors are closed. Foundation leaks should be fixed and any standing water removed. The whole-house humidifier is the better choice for a moisture problem that extends past just one room. It’s easier to maintain and will do a better job of removing humidity from your entire home.

Check the humidity level in your home. A range of 40-50 percent is recommended, but during really hot times, the unit will be working hard to maintain that level of humidity. Keep in mind that 60 percent humidity is comfortable for those who do not have indoor allergy problems or asthma. Check the air humidity levels in your home often.

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