Help Your Cooling System Be More Efficient This Summer

Help Your Cooling System Be More Efficient This SummerCooling costs are the single largest energy expense in most homes during the summer months, but there are a lot of ways you can save. A few simple adjustments can help your A/C be more efficient and save you a bundle on your energy bills this summer.

  1. Change your air filter. Dirty air filters count for a lot of ineffeciency, forcing your equipment to work much harder than it should. Always start the cooling season with a fresh filter, and then inspect, clean or replace the filter once a month throughout summer.
  2. Keep the system clean. A good cleaning at the start of the season drastically improves cooling efficiency. Cleaning the outdoor coils and inspecting the indoor evaporator coil for dirt and debris that can restrict air flow will improve performance. Be sure to trim back grass, vines and shrubs so they don’t interfere with the outdoor cooling system.
  3. Maintain your air ducts. Leaky, broken and disconnected air ducts are a major source of energy loss. Visibly inspect ductwork wherever you can and make any necessary repairs using approved sealant and tape. Be sure to contact a HVAC professional for a more thorough inspection.
  4. Lighten the load. A lot of ways you can help your cooling system to be more efficient, is accomplished actually has nothing to do with your air conditioner and more to do with making your home more efficient. Lighten the load by running a ceiling fan, shading south-facing windows, using heat-producing appliances less, and planting shade trees around your house.
  5. Schedule annual maintenance. Having your air conditioner serviced by a certified technician once a year (preferably in spring, before the cooling season is at its peak) is one of the best things you can do to keep your A/C running efficiently for many years to come.

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