Can Solar Energy Heat And Cool Your Home?

For those who heat and cool using electricity, it often proves to be the largest percentage of their electricity bill. For this reason, many people are looking to solar energy to help reduce this ongoing expense. By supplying the some of power for a heat pump, solar energy can be used to supplement both the heating and cooing of your home. However, several factors might interfere with your ability to use solar energy for your home. You should review all of these factors before attempting to install solar panels.

  • Location: Since the panels for your solar power system will have to have a clear view of the sun as it moves through the sky, you should examine the landscape around your home to see if there are any objects that might act as obstructions. For example tall buildings or shade trees could block the vital rays of the sun to make the solar power ineffective for its performance.
  • Roof exposure and panel placement is important for the performance of the solar system.  If the roof is too small, you may only be able to get part of your heating and cooling power from solar energy. Alignment and angle of your roof relative to the path of the sun in the sky will also be important since the roof has to be at least roughly facing south for the system to work.
  • Local restrictions: Some communities, such as those under the authority of homeowners associations, have codes with restrictions on what can be added to properties in the area. You may also find that the previous owner imposed covenants in the deed transfer that have the same effect. If you have these obstacles, you will have to get a waiver to move forward.

Once any hurdles have been overcome, getting a licensed professional to install a solar energy system is actually a relatively simple and quick process. If you have any questions about installing solar power at your home, please contact Overland Park Heating and Cooling. We will be happy to help.

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