Breathe Easy with a Lennox HEPA High-Efficiency Bypass Filtration System

Today’s homes are better insulated than in the past, which improves energy efficiency, but is not always great for air quality. In fact, almost half of U.S. homes fall above the recommended safety standards for air pollutants. Contaminants and particles that get into your home have no escape. Pollutants and contaminants like mold, bacteria, pollen, dust, dirt, odors, and chemical vapors may be circulating through the air in your home, negatively impacting the health of your family. When breathed in, these contaminants can cause or aggravate allergies and respiratory conditions, as well as cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, rashes, and other illnesses, some severe. Fortunately, there is an effective solution. The Healthy Climate HEPA high-efficiency bypass filtration system from Lennox traps these pollutants, removing them from the air.

The Healthy Clean HEPA bypass system uses a three-step cleaning process to provide clean air throughout your home:

  1. The air goes through a prefiltration process that captures large dirt and dust particles.
  2. HEPA filtration captures nearly all of the remaining particles and bioaerosols.
  3. Charcoal/carbon filtration removes odors and chemical fumes. An optional carbon canister enhances absorption further.

The Healthy Clean HEPA bypass filtration system is designed to capture even the tiniest particles and bacteria. It is 99.97% effective at removing particles as small as .3 micron. This filtration technology is so effective that it is used in hospital operating rooms and science labs nationwide. It features a sealed bypass design that keeps the particles from escaping and entering back into air circulation. The Healthy Clean HEPA bypass system provides whole-house filtration that cleans the air in your home several times per day.