Be Aware of These Tricky Contractor Tactics

When it comes to home repairs and remodels, cost can be a tricky subject. While no one likes to spend a large amount of their hard-earned money, it is understood that upgrading your space does play a major role in homeowner budgets. But how do you know if the estimate of a job is unfair or unprofessional?

As unfortunate as it seems, some contractors in the Midwest have gone overboard in recent months, inflating repair costs beyond belief or even falsifying claims to push homeowners toward purchasing unnecessary replacements. Unjustifiable, these actions are exactly why you should get a second opinion your home’s needs from Overland Park Heating and Cooling before committing to any other contractor.

In just the last few months, Overland Park Heating and Cooling has responded to several instances of increased repair prices and false claims in the Kansas City area. In one instance, a homeowner was told he needed two furnace replacements, but when Overland Park Heating and Cooling took a look at the same units, and found that no combustion analysis was ever even performed on the machines and that the heat exchangers were still under warranty, we were able to save the owner tens of thousands of dollars.

In another recent incident, Overland Park Heating and Cooling followed up on a claim for a fan replacement quoted by a different technician for over $1000. While the fan did need repaired, the initial quote was vastly overinflated, seeing as how it only cost us $558 to complete the project – including labor.

Over the past few months, there have been countless other instances similar to the ones above, which is why it is so strongly encouraged that you get a second opinion on your repair needs from a trusted contracting source. At Overland Park Heating and Cooling, we take pride in our honest and fair approach to fixing your home’s function, and stand by our standard of excellence.

To learn more about Overland Park Heating and Cooling’s commitment to integrity and how we assess repair costs, visit us online, or give us a call at (913)649-0303.