Are Your Ducts Properly Designed And Sealed For Maximum Air Distribution?

maximum air distribution kansas city kansasDuctwork design plays a huge role in determining how comfortable you can be in your own home each and every day. Your ducts are a major component of your HVAC system, and you will never get your home to be as energy efficient as possible if they are not properly designed and sealed. To make sure you get the most from your air system, make sure your HVAC contractor pays close attention to the design, sealing and installation of your ductwork.

The job of your ducts is to create a natural airflow from the supply ducts throughout your house to the return ducts so they allow conditioned air to steadily reach all the corners of your house. When done properly, your HVAC system’s workload is minimized and you are able to keep your energy costs low.

Any home will have constructional features that make it difficult for this airflow to be maintained. This is why your HVAC contractor needs to plan accordingly to make sure that air won’t get trapped in areas like a vaulted ceiling. Choose an experienced HVAC contractor who has the real world experience to be able to plan according to your home’s unique needs.

Once the design has been finalized, the installation of your ducts is just as important. This includes making sure that the connections between individual ducts are as airtight as possible. Leaks in ducts can account for you losing up to 30 percent of your conditioned air. This means that you are essentially paying to send conditioned air into areas like your crawlspaces and attic. This needs to be done right the first time because much of your ductwork becomes concealed in walls or floors after the installation. Even if your contractor agrees to fix a faulty installation for free, you still have to put up with a major inconvenience.

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