Annual Service — Get The Most From Your HVAC System Year Round For The Life Of The System

Annual Service -- Get The Most From Your HVAC System Year Round For The Life Of The SystemDid you know that heating and cooling your air consumes roughly half of your entire household’s energy usage? Needless to say, you need to get the most out of your system all year if you want to keep your energy bills under control. Whether your air conditioner is new or old, it needs to be serviced annually if you want it to run efficiently for as long as possible.

A quality annual service ensures system health with these preventative tasks:

  • Thermostat settingsYour thermostat should be tested for accuracy to ensure its reading the air temperature correctly. The older “mercury” style thermostats should be replaced with a accurate digital, programming type of thermostat
  • Tighten electrical connections – All connections, fans and the motor should be checked for proper voltage. Loose connections will cause higher than normal amperage draw  and this extra “stress” on the components of the system will lead to eventual failure and in some cases a dangerous one.
  • Lubricate moving parts – Moving parts require annual lubrication, which  if overlooked can cause friction and increased wear and tear.
  • Inspect condensate drains – Blocked or slow drains can cause flooding of important electrical components inside your cooling system. They can also inhibit your cooling system their ability to remove moisture from the air. This can lead to uncomfortable, unhealthy air inside your home and may even cause mold growth and other moisture-related damage.
  • Check controls – Every switch, fuse, contactor, relay,  motor, etc. needs to operate as it was designed. If there are problems with one, like a domino affect, will lead to system failure and, or decrease the lifespan of the system components.

The best time to perform the annual service is during the spring or summer so these cooling features can also be tested:

  • Clean evaporator and coils – The coils and evaporator cannot remove heat from the air if they are dirty. They need to be cleaned to remove buildup.
  • Check refrigerant level – There should be the correct amount of refrigerant and it should be at the proper pressure.
  • Adjust blower – The blower fans can become damaged or bent so the blower needs to be adjusted to ensure sufficient airflow to the system.

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