Basic Ways to Fight Fall Allergies

Basic Ways to Fight Fall AllergiesAllergies don’t just plague individuals in the spring. Triggers such as fall harvests, pollens that emerge with cool weather, fallen leaves and molds that proliferate following the rain can all exacerbate or trigger fall allergies. If you’re an adult who has never experienced allergies until now, your sniffling and sneezing may not be from a cold. It may be from factors right inside your Kansas City area home. With the prevalence of allergies increasing in adults, there are simple ways to reduce your misery.

Preventing Fall Allergies

  • Replace the HVAC filters. The filter in your heating and cooling system collects dust and other debris that may contain allergens. If you don’t change the filter as often as the manufacturer suggests, your HVAC system will not filter the air in your home as effectively. Get in the habit of inspecting the filter monthly and changing it when it gets dirty.
  • Close the windows. When Autumn and fall allergies make you miserable, use the A/C and an air cleaner and/or dehumidifier instead of opening a window.
  • Shower before bed. As you go about your daily routine, your hair and skin collect pollen. Bathe before bed to rinse away allergens so you don’t introduce them to your pillows and bed sheets.
  • Wear protective gear. Wear sunglasses to prevent allergens from irritating your eyes when you go outside. When it’s time to work in the yard, use an N95-rated respiratory mask to filter small particles of pollen.
  • Restrict your pets. Even if you’re not allergic to your dog or cat, it can bring allergens into the house. While you don’t have to ban your pet from your home, keep it out of your bedroom and brush it outside regularly.
  • Leaves shoes at the door. Shoes are very good at bringing dust, pollen and other allergens into a home. Consider having a no-shoe policy in your home to keep fall allergies at bay.
  • Dust and vacuum often: Don’t let allergens settle and collect in your home. Wear a respiratory mask and dust your home at least once a week. After dusting, vacuum the floors with a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter.

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