4 Signs of Impending A/C Replacement

4 Signs of Impending A/C ReplacementIf the air conditioner in your Kansas City area home seems to ineffectively cool your home evenly or doesn’t seem to be providing the comfort that it once did, it may be time to consider a replacement. While many problems can be repaired by your HVAC technician, here are four signs that you may want to consider an A/C replacement:

  1. No longer cooling. You may be able to repair a non-cooling central air conditioner by cleaning the coils, replacing its filter or adding more refrigerant to it.  However, if your A/C still won’t cool due to a major repair it may make more sense to replace the system rather than making a costly repair
  2. Making odd noises. Noises can be hard to diagnosis, as some mean nothing at all and others spell big trouble. for instance, if an initial chirping sound worsens and transforms into a louder, more pronounced noise, your system motor bearing could be going out. Other unusual humming noises can be related to compressor failure or a relay problem.
  3. Increased cooling costs. Compare your current energy bills with last year’s of around the same time. If there is a significant increase despite an unchanged kilowatt charge, your A/C may be losing its efficiency as it ages and require replacement.
  4. An aging air conditioner. This is an easy one. If your A/C is more than 15 years old, it might still work, but it’s wasting energy in order to provide that cooling. An old A/C has a fraction of the energy efficiency of a new Energy Star-certified cooling system, and very likely isn’t even as efficient as it once was. Plus, your older A/C system may have other performance issues.

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