A Standby Generator Backs You Up When A Summer Storm Knocks You Out

As a resident of the Kansas City area, you already know how unsettled the weather can get in the summertime. Fierce storms are a fact of life here, and if you want a way to protect yourself in the event of an extended power outage, a standby generator is an investment you may want to make. Today’s standby generators are far more affordable than the ones of yesteryear, thanks to technological improvements and innovations in the design and manufacturing processes. These generators are programmed to turn on automatically if the power goes out, supplying your home with an uninterrupted supply of power and helping you prevent many of the problems associated with electricity loss. Here are some of the problems a standy generator can help you avoid:

  • Food spoilage due to an inoperative refrigerator or freezer
  • Loss of comfort because your air conditioner won’t work
  • Loss of electricity for reading, watching television and other leisure activities
  • Risk of vulnerability to thieves due to inoperative security systems

While portable generators are less expensive, international aid organizations such as the Red Cross consider permanently installed standby generators to be a superior alternative. They are more reliable, and you don’t need to worry about plugging the generator into a remote power source during a storm or fiddling with gas tanks. Today’s standby generators are also greener than the models produced in years past. They emit fewer toxic and harmful byproducts, since newer models tend to run on cleaner fuels like liquid propane vapor and natural gas.

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