5 Surefire Benefits Of Using Geothermal Energy To Heat And Cool Your Kansas City Home

Geothermal energy is on a short list of viable renewable energy sources. Over the last 50 years, this technology has been refined to develop a system that can vastly reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. The benefits of using geothermal energy are numerous.

Four to six feet below ground, temperatures remain at a stable 45 to 70 degrees. When a series of pipes filled with a water/anti-freeze mixture (called a “loop”) are installed at this level, geothermal technology harnesses the power of the sun to heat the liquid, before delivering it to your home. At that point, heat pump technology extracts heat from the water mixture, using it to heat the air before circulating it through the house. In the summer, heat is extracted from your home and “rejected” back into the ground outside. If you’re considering making the switch, here is a list of five benefits of using geothermal energy for heating and cooling your greater Kansas City area home.  

1. Green advantage. By eliminating the combustion of fossil fuels and reducing the need to generate power, greenhouse gases are also reduced, making geothermal energy one of the cleanest ways to heat and cool your home.

2. Increased comfort. Because of the consistent nature of the temperature below ground, heat is delivered at a constant temperature in the winter months, reducing the cold and hot spots associated with other systems. Unlike regular air-source heat pumps, your geothermal system won’t be at the mercy of changing outside temperatures.

3. High efficiency, low overhead. While the initial outlay for geothermal exceeds that of traditional systems, homeowners may recoup their investment in as little as five years. Estimates of between 400 and 500 percent efficiency may be realized with geothermal, saving up to 70 percent on your monthly energy bill. There’s also a very generous federal tax credit (30 percent of the cost of installing geothermal) available for qualifying systems.

4. Healthier indoor air. One of the greatest benefits of using geothermal energy within your home is the improved indoor air quality. The lack of combustible materials means you’re breathing cleaner air, and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is eliminated.

5. Flexibility. Geothermal systems can be configured for use in almost any application from commercial to residential, large homes and small, and in northern or southern climates. Your main decision will involve what sort of loop system – horizontal, vertical or underwater – to go with.

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