5 Reasons Why Humidifiers Leak, And What To Do About It

Leaking humidifiers are a common problem for local homeowners here in the greater Kansas City area. If your home humidification system is older and hasn’t been maintained, leaks commonly occur. Many residents are not aware why humidifiers leak or that their whole-house humidifier needs to be serviced annualy. If you schedule regular maintenance with your local HVAC expert, you can prevent an inconvenient and uncomfortable humidifier breakdown. Maintenance also ensures that your equipment lasts a good long time and performs at the highest level of efficiency – saving energy and money.

Maintenance to avoid leaks

  1. Water backup in the drain line – The drain line must run on a continuous slope to the drain; otherwise air locks may force water to back up into the drain line. Maintenance/fix: Remove upward or downward slopes from the humidifier drain line and flush with water. The line should be replaced as needed.
  2. Scale control insert blockage – Also called the water-panel evaporator. A blockage here can cause residue to accumulate, obstructing the drain and causing a leak. Maintenance/fix: Clean the insert and/or put in a new water panel evaporator. In some cases, the water supply tube may have to be removed before cleaning or replacing the insert.
  3. Valve reversal – Look for an arrow showing the direction of water flow on the valve. Maintenance/fix: Make sure the water flows through the valve in the proper direction. 
  4. Open valve – A piece of debris or calcium may become lodged between the valve’s plunger and the valve opening, preventing it from closing correctly and completely, causing a leak. Maintenance/fix: Shut off the valve, stopping the water supply. Cut the power and remove the valve, running pressurized water through it or blowing air to clear. 
  5. High water pressure – Pressure over 125 psi can cause leaks. Maintenance/fix: Check pressure and use a pressure reducer when needed.

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