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Homes in the Kansas City area today commonly feature vaulted ceilings, recreation rooms, finished basements, extended ranch-style levels, home additions, garage conversions, and two and sometimes even three-story classic period homes. Each of these configurations creates challenges in maintaining the proper heating and cooling needs of the home with a dated or very basic heating and cooling system. These systems struggle to maintain the proper level of comfort, and over time, the utility bills continue to rise.

Designate Various Temperatures

Zoning allows you to designate various temperature zones in your home that are controlled by individual thermostats and motorized dampers located in the ductwork. As the temperature is satisfied in a particular section, the vents close until another temperature call is made from that room. In the meantime, the system continues to send air currents to other areas until the desired temperature levels per zone are achieved.

Reduce Your Energy Bills Today!

The biggest benefit to zoning is the reduction of your energy bills. Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy show that 35% of our utility bills are from heating and cooling our homes. By zoning your home with Overland Park Heating and Cooling, you will be able to select and program which areas of the home receive heat/air, humidity, even filtration, and when. An example would be to route all of the air to the bedrooms overnight. Your system would then work to supply heat and air to only the bedrooms and without affecting the rest of the home that remains unused.

Energy Savings | By installing a custom zoned system with OPHC you can expect to receive the following benefits: precise temperature control, efficiently controlling individual areas, reduced energy bills, reduced installation cost (versus other measures such as a separate system), reduced maintenance, and conservation of energy.

Custom Zoning

You will benefit from a custom zoning system if you have any of the following: multi-level home, large open areas, vaulted ceilings, open staircases, rooms above or attached to the garage, finished basements, expansive glass, or simply preferences of temperature by family lifestyle.