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If you have an older home without a traditional HVAC system, central air conditioning, or have an outdated HVAC system that needs to be replaced, a ductless heating and cooling system from Overland Park Heating and Cooling is an option that could keep you comfortable all year long while saving you money. A ductless heating and cooling system from Overland Park Heating and Cooling can make that task easy and save you money on your heating and cooling costs in the process.

A residential ductless HVAC system delivers heated and cooled air to individual rooms, sunrooms and other areas without the need for ducts. An outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser is connected to indoor air-handling unit(s) by refrigerant piping, a power cable and a condensate drain. Up to four indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor condensing unit that can be located up to 100 feet from the outdoor unit. Because the components that create the most noise are located on the outside condensing unit, ductless heating and cooling systems are virtually noise-free.

Ductless HVAC systems are a great solution for older homes and historic homes built without traditional HVAC systems or for home additions and converted spaces like garages and attics. A ductless heating and cooling system is also perfect to supplement a current HVAC system that may not be adequately heating or cooling all areas of your home during extreme temperatures. Residential ductless HVAC systems consistently achieve 25% higher energy efficiency than traditional HVAC systems. The zone control provided by a ductless HVAC system also saves energy by allowing you to heat and cool only the spaces you need.

Ductless HVAC Installation

Although installation is relatively easy, it is recommended that you have your ductless HVAC system installed by a professional. Calculating the correct unit size for your specific space is critical to proper functioning of the system. Overland Park Heating and Cooling will come to your home and perform calculations to determine the proper load requirements for each room, which allows us to determine the best equipment to handle the heaviest potential load that may be required by your ductless HVAC system.

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