When the frigid Kansas City winter weather hits, don’t be left out in a cold garage. An infrared garage heater from Overland Park Heating and Cooling can keep you and your garage toasty all winter long. Overland Park Heating and Cooling is proud to offer the HeatStar infrared heater from Enerco.

An infrared garage heater also keeps your car warm and reduces wear and tear on your vehicle from cold starts. In addition, snow and ice brought into the garage is evaporated by the heat, eliminating messy puddles. An infrared garage heater can also help heat rooms above the garage which may otherwise be difficult to keep warm during the winter.

Heating For a Two Stall Garage

An infrared garage heater from Overland Park Heating and Cooling can heat 500 to 600 square feet, the size of a 2-car garage. An infrared garage heater is perfect for garages, workshops, storage sheds, maintenance sheds, loading docks, warehouses, constructions sites, horse arenas, barns, animal pens, outdoor event centers, and patios.

An infrared heater even works in doorways and over sidewalks and ramps to prevent ice and snow from building up.

More Efficient Than Other Heaters

Infrared gas garage heaters are more efficient than other types of garage heaters. Infrared heaters use radiant heat, working the same as the sun. The garage heater is mounted overhead to direct infrared energy to the floor and at people and objects. The people and objects, including the floor, are warmed, and in turn, radiates heat that warms the air in the room. This radiated heat makes the area comfortable without wasting energy. A thermostat is used to keep the area at a constant temperature and a wall-mounted louver draws in fresh air.

Kansas City winter temperatures make many garages, workshops and other spaces unusable during the winter. Using a garage heater keeps the space warm so it can be utilized comfortably all winter. Give Overland Park Heating and Cooling a call at 913-649-0303 and keep your garage or workspace comfortable and usable all winter long.