With the scrap copper prices soaring over $2.50 a pound and unemployment higher than it’s ever been, thefts of all kinds are on the rise. The copper thefts are no exception. Our air conditioner business sits on the front row seat of this issue. We are hearing from some of our own customers, both residential, commercial, as well as a handful of new customers that have sought us out to help with not only replacing damaged equipment, but to also preventing further losses.

For both residential and commercial application, Overland Park Heating and Cooling have a solution. We have installed theft deterrent devices on the outdoor condensing designed to notify you when your system or systems are being tampered. Please call us today to get more information on the protection of your valuable air conditioner system. 913-649-0303

Don’t be the Next Victim

Very recently, and right in our own business park, we had a commercial neighbor call us right after they discovered thieves had stolen copper on 7 of the 9 rooftop air conditioners serving 4 separate business. It was determined the thieves set up shop after dark and in the middle of the week on the neighboring rooftop to steal copper coils from the working air conditioning units. The thieves had to work through the night to hack into 7 rooftop units to remove the copper. In all, the thieves managed to steal about 200lbs of copper and with all their efforts they made away with less than $500.

We theorize that at least 4 people and a truck had been used to pull the heist off. That’s a lot of work and effort to risk getting caught stealing and vandalizing this business’s vital equipment. Our company estimated and replaced the 7 units for $35,000. The four businesses that occupy the space had to shut down for 5 days while awaiting the new equipment. This was very costly to each of the 4 businesses.

Custom Designed Maintenance Program

Custom design, engineering and planned maintenance programs provide customers the ability to plan, budget, and manage their Mechanical/HVAC needs as efficiently as possible. We realize that a single problem with your heating or cooling system can affect not only your employees, but your sales and store fronts as well.

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