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At Overland Park Heating and Cooling, we know how important it is to choose the right boiler for your home. That’s why we are experts when it comes to helping Kansas City homeowners find, install, and maintain the perfect boiler that fits each individual family’s needs and wants.

A proud Lennox Premier Dealer, our certified technicians and staff are educated on what it means to properly install your boiler with care, no matter which type of heating system you choose.

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Our technicians are trained and ready to help you during every step of your boiler installation process. From helping you choose the right heating system for your home to properly installing the piece and teaching you how to best use it, our experts will help you make the most of your new equipment. Not to mention, Overland Park Heating and Cooling will help you maintain the life of your newly installed boiler through preventative care appointments as well as repair service visits as needed.

Boiler Types

At Overland Park Heating and Cooling, we offer two main types of boilers, hydronic and steam.

Hydronic Boilers:These heating systems circulate water through radiators, convectors, and floors, and are one of the most comfortable ways to warm your home. In fact, many of these boilers are installed with multiple zones and thermostats, giving you optimal control over your home’s comfort. The hydronic boilers we carry include: GWM-IE, GWB9-IH, GWB8-IE, and GWB8-E.

Steam Boilers: Typically found in older homes such as those in the Plaza, Waldo, and Brookside neighborhoods, these boilers heat only when necessary, making them incredibly energy efficient. Plus, these heating systems can be installed in any of seven available sizes, and can be fueled by natural of LP gas. The steam boiler we carry is the GSB8-E.

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Call Overland Park Heating and Cooling today to schedule your annual preventative maintenance appointment. Already had an expert come out this year? Feel free to still call us anytime you notice something wrong with your boiler, and we will be happy to help you repair the situation.
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Can I Do it Myself?

While, yes, you should be checking in on your boiler on a regular basis for any strange noises, leaks, or other malfunctions, it is best to let the experts handle preventative care for your heating system. Our experts will be able to correctly diagnose problems before they start, and will provide you with invaluable solutions.