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Setting your home’s boiler up for success doesn’t stop as soon as your equipment is installed. In fact, Overland Park Heating and Cooling, a Premier Lennox Dealer, will not only make sure your boiler is properly installed at the start of its life, but will also help you to expertly care for it as the years pass through preventative maintenance.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a vital way to make sure your boiler, whether hydronic or steam, stays working in peak condition for as long as possible. This type of care helps spot problems when they can be easily managed, before turning into costly repairs. Not only does boiler preventative maintenance help save you money, but it also gives your home better energy efficiency, and provides you with priceless peace of mind.

Can I Do it Myself?

While, yes, you should be checking in on your boiler on a regular basis for any strange noises, leaks, or other malfunctions, it is best to let the experts handle preventative care for your heating system. Our experts will be able to correctly diagnose problems before they start, and will provide you with invaluable solutions.

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Call Overland Park Heating and Cooling today to schedule your annual preventative maintenance appointment. Already had an expert come out this year? Feel free to still call us anytime you notice something wrong with your boiler, and we will be happy to help you repair the situation.
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How It Works

Once a year, call Overland Park Heating and Cooling, and we will schedule a time for one of our technicians to do a thorough checkup of your boiler system. This process includes:

  • Complete inspection and diagnosis of system
  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Analysis and tightening of wires
  • Testing of proper pH levels in water
  • Examination of flame sensors, ignitor, and burners
  • Investigation of venting system for any blockage
  • And more