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Overland Park Heating and Cooling is your headquarters for comfort. We offer the best products and solutions for your cooling needs. The industry has come a long way in the last few years to meet the demands of our customer. With your help, the professionals at Overland Park Heating and Cooling will custom build a system to meet your cooling objectives. We will perform any task from making repairs to your existing system to designing a comfort machine powered by solar!

Whole Home Cooling Systems

The professionals at Overland Park Heating and Cooling will include you, the customer, in the selection of your own cooling system. For instance, we will educate you on the cost difference and benefits of choosing between a two speed high efficient air conditioner over a single speed standard efficient system. We will show you that no matter your exact needs, our comfort consultant will provide you with a free in-home analysis to determine the right capacity required to cool your home and educate you on the many options available designed for your comfort.

How Can I improve the Air Quality in my Home?

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The combination of an 18+ SEER condensing unit with a Healthy Climate Media Filter is a good way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and the indoor air quality.


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SEER Rating

The SEER rating is a rating given to all air conditioners no matter the manufacture or model. This number is determined by a simple equation of wattage divided into unit’s capacity. For instance a 3-ton (36,000 BTU) with a 3000 per hour wattage usage would be a 10 SEER unit. The SEER unit is similar to the car industry’s posting of the mileage rating (MPG) on the window sticker of a new car. Typically, for every additional 1 SEER a consumer saves approximately 10% on the electricity usage.